From a Tune of the Month Subscriber

The only thing I wanted for Christmas this year is to continue the 'Tune of the Month', because I enjoy them so much. Friends and family are amazed at how I have progressed with my playing, thanks to you!

A satisfied customer writes

I received the American Spirituals Dulcimer Tab Book on CD yesterday. You definitely have a winner in this format. With everything right there on the CD, it allows me to pick and choose the pieces I want to download and is a great space and time saver - just like you designed it to. Once again, you are ahead of the loop.

From a Dulcimer Player In Iowa

Our dulcimer club has been playing your "September on the Mississippi." I think it is the prettiest song ever that has been arranged for the dulcimer. It is soft and flowing, the chords are touching, and when we get to the end I realize I have been holding my breath. Thank you for such beauty.

From a workshop participant:

I am still on a cloud from that wonderful dulcimer festival and all the things I learned and want to practice. Thank you again - your performance and your workshops were awesome. You are a great teacher as well as a great musician. What a dynamite combination!!


I have to say that "September On The Mississippi" is one of the prettiest songs I have ever heard played on the dulcimer and I play it at our Dulcimer Club all the time.

Quote From a Tune of the Month Subscriber

It's funny how my husband will snatch your Tune of the Month lesson from the stack of mail and disappear for an hour or so! Thanks for this service!

Quote From Colorado Dulcimer Festival

Larry Conger, 1998 National Mountain Dulcimer Champion, from Paris (Tennessee, thatis) with a delectable playing touch, gentle teaching style and sly sense of humor.

From A Dulcimer Player In Michigan

Just when I think I have heard it all---along comes more. After the dulcimer thing on Thursday night a woman who lives on a farm with about 35 Guernsey cows says she plays in the barn while she is waiting for the milkers to do their thing. She says she plays from Larry Conger's September On The Mississippi---The reason she does this is that the cows do not poop in the milking stall while they are being milked....Gee, I'll bet Mr. Conger never thought of that.

From a group of dulcimer enthusiasts

Just had to take the time to let you know much I enjoyed the Christmas workshop in Townsend, Tennessee this past October. The small group of us from Northern Kentucky have been meeting and are having the most wonderful time with those beautiful carols! The most amazing thing is that, with your help, we just about have them right! Here we are attempting and accomplishing music that we would never have considered in the past due to it's level of difficulty. You have a wonderful talent for making the complicated seem simple. We are keeping an eye on your schedule and are planning to attend any workshops you have within driving distance.

Tune of the Month Goes To Germany

I had just finished brunch when the phone rang. To my surprise it was my dulcimer friend from Germany. I said, "What in the world are you doing calling me from Germany?" She answered with strums back and forth across her dulcimer. She said, "This is what I am doing and I want to play you some "moosik"." She said, "I will lay you down now." I heard her put the phone down and away she played on LARRY CONGER'S TUNE OF THE MONTH for me. "Beneath The Willow." She played it beautifully and was so proud. I assure you the phone calls from Germany are very expensive but I loved hearing your arrangement played by a good old friend all the way from Germany.

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