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Popular Music

The skill level of each arrangement is indicated beside its title as follows:

* Beginner
** Advanced Beginner
*** Intermediate
**** Intermediate Into Advanced
***** Advanced
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All I Have to Do is Dream (duet) ****
An adaptation of the 1960's Everly Brothers classic for two standard dulcimers in DAD tuning. This arrangement can be mildly challenging for..
Brand New Heartache (duet) ***
Released by the Everly Brothers in 1958, this tune is arranged for two standard dulcimers in DAD tuning and intended for two intermediate le..
Bye Bye Love (duet) ***
The first #1 single for The Everly Brothers in July 1957, this song was written by the late Felice & Boudleaux Bryant. The arrangement i..
Devoted to You (duet) ****
Released in July of 1958 by the Everly Brothers and later covered by The Beach Boys and Carly Simon/James Taylor, this arrangement is inte..
Love Hurts (duet) ****
First recorded in 1960 by the Everly Brothers and later covered by Roy Orbison and Nazareth, this arrangement is intended for two standard ..
Plaisir d' amour (in the style of Elvis Presley's I Can't Help Falling In Love With You) (solo) ***
This melody, made popular by Elvis Presley in the early 1960s is based on a classical French love song from the 1700s "Plaisir d'amour." It ..
Raining In My Heart (solo) ***
Raining In My Heart is arranged here in DF#A tuning by Larry Conger. It can also be played in CEG, FAC or any other 135 tuning. It is suitab..
Rocky Top (solo) ***
Released on Christmas Day in 1967, Rocky Top was first recorded by the Osborne Brothers and later covered by Chet Atkins, Dolly Parton, Boo..
September on the Mississippi (harmony part only) ***
This arrangement is being offered in response to numerous requests for a September On The Mississippi duet. September On The Mississippi i..
Wake Up Little Susie (duet) ***
The second #1 single for The Everly Brothers in October of 1957, this duet arrangement requires the use of a 1+ fret on both dulcimers. Bo..
We Could (solo) ***
Recorded by a variety of artists, including Roy Clark, Jim Reeves, George Jones, Little Jimmy Dickens, John Prine and Charlie Pride, this co..
Aura Lee (in the style of Love Me Tender (solo) ***
This is a tab of the old tune Aura Lee which was popularized by Elvis Presley in the 1950s as Love Me Tender. It is notated in two..
Aura Lee (Love Me Tender) 4 Part Ensemble ***
A four part arrangement of the Elvis classic "Love Me Tender" for two standard dulcimers, baritone and bass dulcimers. Two pages. All parts..
C.C. Rider (solo) ****
This familiar blues tune is tabbed for a standard dulcimer in DAD tuning.  You will find it somewhat rhythmically challenging.  Th..
For Me and My Gal (solo) ***
This tune is from the 1942 movie of the same name starring Judy Garland and Gene Kelly. Both stars sang and danced to this tune in the movie..
House of the Rising Sun (solo) ***
The 1964 rock classic by Eric Burdon and the Animals. This tab arrangement requires a 1+ fret and a capo. It is mildly challenging for ..
Scarborough Fair (solo) ***
The title track of Simon & Garfunkel's 1966 album, Parsley, Sage, Roesmary and Thyme, this song was released as a single after it w..
The Rose (solo) ***
This 1979 pop classic by Bette Midler is arranged for dulcimer in three verses. The first verse is tabbed in the key of D and is the most ba..
The Rose (duet) ***
A duet version of the 1979 pop classic by Bette Midler arranged for two standard dulcimers in DAD tuning. Mildly challenging for intermediat..
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