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Black Velvet Waltz (solo) ***
Black Velvet Waltz has been a workshop favorite of mine for over 10 years. It is tabbed in DAD (158) tuning. It can be easily accomplished b..
Evening Star Waltz (duet) ***
A fun American dance tune arranged as a mountain dulcimer duet. Both parts are equally challenging but easily accomplished by intermediate l..
The White Swan (solo) ***
The White Swan is full of hammer-ons, pull-offs and slides. These embellishments are added in an effort to make the arrangement sound smooth..
White Rose Waltz (solo) ****
White Rose Waltz includes a few ryhthmic challenges. Therefore, it should be attempted by an intermediate or beyond intermediate level playe..
I'll Be All Smiles Tonight (solo) ***
An Irish waltz tune from the late 1800s, this download includes two different arrangements. One is in the key of D, while the other is in th..
Magnolia Waltz (solo) ***
The beautiful waltz tune makes the perfect addition to your performance repertoire. It can be mastered by the intermediate level player or t..
Polly Ann Waltz (duet) ***
This duet is arranged for a standard and baritone dulcimer. The standard dulcimer is tuned DAD while the baritone dulcimer is tuned GDG. The..
Polly Ann Waltz (solo) ***
A beautiful waltz tune tabbed in the key of G while tuned DAD. There are two versions of the waltz included with this download. One makes us..
Rose of Sharon Waltz (duet) ***
A great American waltz tune arranged for two standard dulcimers in DAD tuning. The arrangement it intended for two intermediate level player..
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