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Beautiful Dreamer (duet) ****
A duet version of  the Stephen Foster classic. One dulcimer uses the capo on the 3rd fret while the other plays without a capo. Both du..
Beautiful Dreamer (solo) ****
A solo arrangement of the Stephen Foster song in the key of G (DAD tuning), this tab will make use of a capo on the 3rd fret. The primary ch..
Chicken Fried Medley (solo) ****
A medley of three old time fiddle tunes - Cluck Ole Hen, Turkey In The Straw and Chicken Reel arranged for dulcimer in DAD tuning. These son..
Darling Nelly Gray (solo) ***
This song was written by American composer, Benjamin Hamby in the 1800s. It is tabbed for dulcimer in DAD tuning in both the key of D and th..
Dixie's Land (solo) ****
A slow and expressive version of the familiar minstrel tune better known as "Dixie" tabbed in DAD tuning. The arrangement's many three finge..
Midnight Special (solo) ***
This American prison song is tabbed in the key of A while tuned DAD. The "bluesy" shuffle makes it a ton of fun to play. A very entertaining..
Old Folks at Home (duet) ***
Sometimes known as "Way Down Upon The Sewanee River" this is a Stephen Foster classic from the mid 1800's. The arrangement uses two standard..
Pig Ankle Rag (duet) ***
A fun two part arrangement featuring parts for two standard dulcimers or one standard and one bass dulcimer, both in DAD tuning. Intended f..
Samanthra (duet) ***
A beautiful minor key melody from the Southern Harmony shaped note tradition, this arrangement is written for two standard dulcimers in..
The Erie Canal (solo) ***
A popular song from the early 1800s, depicting life on the Erie Canal. This "bluesy" arrangement is in the key of Em and uses a capo on the ..
Wayfaring Stranger (duet) ***
This is a duet version of the familiar folk hymn, Wayfaring Stranger, tabbed in the key of F# minor. Both parts use a capo on the 2nd fret a..
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