Gavotte (trio)
  • Gavotte (trio)
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A Baroque era trio written by Georg Philipp Telemann, a German composer. The arrangement is intended to be played by Ginger, standard and baritone dulcimers. However, it can also be played by standard, baritone and bass dulcimers using the following suggestions:

Standard dulcimer in DAD plays the Ginger part - Baritone dulcimer in AEA plays the standard part - Bass dulcimer in DAD plays the baritone part.

This arrangement should pose little or no problem for the advancing beginner or intermediate level player.

This is a downloadable product. You will not receive the tab in the mail. Instead, you will download it from this webiste once your purchase is complete.

Permission is granted to make copies of the arrangement for use with your ensemble. However, please do not make copies outside the group. If you feel the arrangement is worthy of sharing, please direct your friends to this website so they can purchase their own copy and enjoy the music.

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