Refuge and Strength Medley (solo)
  • Refuge and Strength Medley (solo)
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This medley includes four (4) familiar hymns - Shall We Gather At The River, Sweet By and By, I'll Fly Away and Precious Memories. The medley was created specifically to be played at the memorial service for Lynn McSpadden, creator and builder of McSpadden Mountain Dulcimers. The goal was to compile several familiar old hymns that would provide comfort to Lynn's widow, Mary Catherine while honoring Lynn's accomplishments as the premier dulcimer builder of our generation.

The medley can easily be mastered by the intermediate level player with a working knowledge of three finger chords. The arrangement makes extensive use of the 1+ fret and is tabbed in the keys of D and G, modulating back and forth between songs. Numerous hammer-ons, pull-offs and slides are indicated in an effort to help smooth out any rough spots.

Tabbed in DAD tuning. Four pages. 82 measures. No repeats. Approximate playing time @ 84 beats per minute = 3:30. Guitar accompaniment chords are provided. No standard musical notation is included - only dulcimer tablature.

This download is intended for the personal use of the consumer. Duplication and/or distribution of this material in any form with the intent to sell or share with others is prohibited and considered a violation of Federal Copyright Laws. If you feel that the arrangement is worthy of sharing, please direct your friends to this site so that they can purchase their own copy and enjoy the music.

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