Learn To Play "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" with Elaine & Larry

Your living room

7:30 Eastern Daylight Time -- From The Beatles 1968 "White Album" this arrangement is intended for mountain dulcimer duet in 1-5-8 or DAD tuning. There is a part for standard dulcimer and bass dulcimer. The standard dulcimer makes use of a 1+ fret. Don't have a bass dulcimer? A second standard dulcimer can easily play the bass part. Also, the standard dulcimer part can stand alone as a solo.

The arrangement is best suited for the intermediate level player with a working knowledge of three finger chords and chord-melody style. The biggest challenge to learning the piece will be understanding and playing the various syncopated rhythms found throughout the song. Participants will receive a practice recording.

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